Evolution—a process by which something passes by degrees to a more advanced and mature state. NG9-1-1 represents an evolutionary step in emergency communications beyond Enhanced 9-1-1 (E9-1-1).

Synergem’s mission is to help the public safety community move seamlessly, efficiently, and economically to this next plateau.

Synergem’s EvolutionTM suite of NG9-1-1 solutions delivers on the promise of Next Generation 9-1-1 today! The EvolutionTM Suite is a turnkey solution for PSAPs prepared to fully embrace NG9-1-1 or, for PSAPs restricted by legacy networks, the EvolutionTM suite provides interfaces and gateways that bridge the gap until those centers are ready to fully participate in a true NENA i3 environment.

EvolutionNETTM – ESInet

Synergem’s EvolutionNETTM ESInet, design introduces the Emergency Services IP network scd-r901-image3-en1(ESInet). The Emergency Services Internet Protocol Network “ESInet” is an IP-based inter-network, or network of networks, shared by all agencies that may be involved in providing any type of emergency service. EvolutionNETTM ESInet includes the core Next Generation 9-1-1 functional elements (Emergency Services Routing Proxy, ESRP; Legacy Network Gateway, LNG; Emergency Call Routing Function, ECRF; and Legacy PSAP Gateways) and is built according to the Detailed Functional and Interface Specifications of NENA i3. With EvolutionNETTM ESInet, the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) is capable of receiving IP-based signaling and media for delivery of data-rich, emergency calls conformant to the NENA i3 standard. Learn more about EvolutionNETTM ESInet.

Evolution911TM Standard Edition – Call Taking Solution

Synergem’s feature rich Evolution911™ Standard Edition (SE), NG9-1-1 call-taking solution and Police Dispatcher Working at ConsoleGraphical User Interface (GUI) satisfies NENA’s i3-PSAP standards, incorporating access to additional data from multiple databases owned by any agency, voice calls, SMS text message delivery, video calls, video files, and real-time-text conversations (Text-to-911). Evolution911™ SE is a hosted application with a GUI resident on the Telecommunicator’s computer. In addition to featuring a customizable GUI for both individual End-Users and agencies, the single login permits End-Users to access their profile and start taking 911 calls from anywhere on the network. Learn more about Evolution911TM.

EvolutionACD™ – Automated Call Distribution (ACD) System

Synergem’s Automated Call Distribution, EvolutionACD™, system uses the world’s most popular Call Center software, Avaya Aura® Contact Center, to produce a Next Generation 9-1-1 solution that harnesses an almost unlimited array of call management processes to serve your PSAP’s needs. This Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) based multimedia, routing system provides flexibility in directing 9-1-1 calls via voice, video, email, Web chat, SMS, and IM. Learn more about EvolutionACDTM.

EvolutionC2C™ – CAD-to-CAD Data Exchange Service

Interoperability is a critical component of NG9-1-1. In order to provide expanded levels of Interoperability, Synergem’s EvolutionC2C™ provides an automatic and on-demand functional data exchange between CAD systems regardless of manufacturer or agency boundary. Learn more about EvolutionC2CTM.  

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